Marcel CamalliWelcome!

I’m a successful boutique owner. I have three lines of business and I’m successful in each of them. Success didn’t come overnight. I had to go through lots of stress, obstacles and failures to come to this position. I have completed my MBA from University of California.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I’ve worked in the corporate world for more than 7 years. I know what a tough journey it is to be an entrepreneur.

I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with the new entrepreneurs who are struggling now like I did once. This blog is written so that these promising entrepreneurs don’t have to suffer the way I did, due to lack of information.

I believe that small businesses form a big part of a country’s economy. During the last decade, we saw many successful small businesses in this industry. Many young entrepreneurs have come up with new and brilliant product and service ideas. But some of these excellent ideas failed to take shape. Business is not only about generating ideas. It is also about strategy, marketing and careful insight about what the competitors are doing.

As most entrepreneurs are young, they lack the expertise to develop proper strategy. This blog will help them to be an informed decision maker.